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9/15/2009 3:09:49 PM
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Surprised noone made a thread about this but what was everyones though on Jordans HOF speech? I felt he kind of bought back old grudges and took shots at people...From what I hear from people that met him, they say hes an arrogant a**hole, I know people are thinking, he has the right to be as the best player to play the game, but IMO the speech could have been worded better, But thats just me.

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For someone who is constantly being called the greatest ever, it doesn't surprise me that he would develop and ego off of that.

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His HOF speech seemed to explain what it took for him to be that good...I mean great

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If you havent heard, from most people that know Jordan personally, this was typical.  Can you really expect the man entitled the "greatest ever" to show a bit of humility and grace? Maybe not.  He went as far as to bringing Leroy Smith to the speech (the man who took his spot on his highschool bball team) to prove a point.  I for one liked the fact that Jordan displayed his arrogance; it was like Jordan Raw (no homo).  I dont think he was up for pretending to be something he's not up there, being himself like he has been all these years.  And Greatest Line of the speech: "Theirs no 'I' in team, but theirs an 'I' in Win....Classic Jordan

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an embarrasing class. He'll never be a great exec as he cannot delegate.

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No matter what type of speech he did or what he does as a can't take away from what he did on the court and what he did starring in Space Jam.

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You can't "Be Like Mike" if it doesn't bother you everyday from high school through your induction into the HOF that you were cut from your high school varsity team...whatever the reason. It's not arrogance. It's that "something different" that made him who he is and allowed him to accomplish what he did.

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I thought it was a fantastic speech. Jordan was not "taking shots" at people by any means. He thanked his role models, teammates, coaches, UNC, the Bulls, his competitors, his family, and his friends for making him the player and person he is today. Jordan's "shots" at people were just his way of letting them know that they were motivation for him to get better.  The ultimate competitors know that it takes a certain way to look at something to be motivated. Jordan was obviously motivated to prove people wrong from the time he was a young child.  That motivation along with his God given athleticism pushed him to be one of the greatest athletes of all time.  When you are at the top people will always try to find a way to bring you down and that is what people are trying to do now. Joradn was a class act on the court and off it. He was always dressed sharp, spoke well, and promoted the game of basketball in a way that no one else has.  Other than Tiger Woods I have never seen an athlete so mentally tough and competitve.  That is why he lived up to the statement, there is no I in TEAM but there is in WIN because he willed his team's to victory almost single handedly. 

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4loveofthegame - You had me up until the class act off the court, I think thats a little bit of a strech...I agree with some of your other points though.

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Its good that Jordan was himself up there and everything, but he clearly is still a little bitter and upset that his career is over. Everyone knows hes the best ever, everyone knows what hes done, theirs no need to settle old scores like MJ did up on stage. I mean come on, he flew in his high school teammate that made the JV squad over him just so he could say that Im better than you and that the coach was wrong?? And what about what he said to his kids "I wouldnt wanna be you guys?". What, he has to tell his kids how good and great it is to be him and how its probably hard living in the spotlight of such an outstanding athlete?

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First of of the things that made MJ the most dominant player ever was the fact that he was the best trash talker as well as the best player on the floor every single time.  He has been talking smack and making slick remarks to get on people's nerves his whole life and apparently it worked out pretty good for him.  As for his high school coach....he should feel like a dumbass its not like that comment was ignorant or anything

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No one should feel like a dumb ass or anything else.  the cocach made a decision based upon where jordan was at that point and time of his career.  obviously his motivation came from feeling slighted. good for him some people let being slighted destroy them. he was different. he found what it took for him and that is great. i hope others can find what motivates them and use it to accomplish a 1/16th of what he accomplished. he nor anybody else is or ever will be perfect. he seemed to be trying to get the message across about what drove him to the heights he reached and seemed to offend some in the process. that is their issue to deal with. he is still HOF an probably the best and most exciting that ever played. by the way, he was not elected to the hall as an exec so that bears no weight and is a stretch to try and knock him for disagreeing with the speech.

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The only thing that pissed me off was when he complained about the Hall of Fame raising ticket prices...youre Michael Jordan I think you could pay $1,000 a ticket dude

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Jordan didn't say anything inappropriate or anything of the sort. Yeah, it wasn't your typical speech but what about Jordan's game was typical.  What the purpose of his speech was was to explain what "fueled the fire" inside give insight as to how he was able to win 5 MVPs, 6 championships, etc.  From his sister trying to outdo him in the classroom to his older brothers beating him up to Dean Smith keeping him off the cover of Sports Illustrated to torching Bryon Russell for claiming he could contain Jordan.

He didn't really take shots at anyone.  He mentioned a few names.  But how could he leave these guys out...Jerry Krause for example was mentioned.  According to Jordan, and I agree with him, Krause had to be mentioned.  The only reason Jordan ever wore a Wizards uniform and never returned in black and red to Chicago is because of Krause's rediculous ego and stubborn attitude.  Jordan will always be remembered for being a Bull and rarely if ever as a Wizard, but Krause tainted Jordan's taste for the game as he prevented him from retiring as a Bull instead of Wizard (how many guys spend their entire career on one team...Jordan would have done just that if not for Krause).

Leroy Smith - They're obviously still friends or atleast are on friendly terms, why else would he show up? Jordan didn't call him out.  Everyone already knew Leroy Smith beat him out for the team.  The point of him mentioning Leroy was to show that this was the real catalyst to Jordan's was more like Jordan was honoring Leroy and saying thank you to him.

Bryon Russell - You really think Jordan is going to let the last shot of his career (Wizards don't count) go unmentioned?  Talk about a storybook finish.  Game winner as your last shot over the guy that said he could contain you...unreal...had to be mentioned.

Quit looking for faults with everything...How about mentioning how humble he was to Scottie Pippen, Pat Riley, Tex Winter, etc?




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Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever, and I am willing to defend that argument against anyone.  However, he's speech was ridiculous.  I was very fortunate to get free tickets to the induction ceremony (nice to have friends and family in Western Mass) and was extremely excited to see and hear Jordan....what a disappointment.  Throughout his speech there were people in the crowd commenting on the poor choice of words and examples made by MJ.  As noted earlier, there was no need whatsoever to have Leroy Smith there and point him out.  The story and inspiration of being cut as a soph is just the same if his name was Bob Wilson and we never saw his face on tv.  That was complete mockery. There was no need to say he wouldn't want to be his kids, we all know he has large shoes to fill and his kids get the benefit of having the last name Jordan.  I actually thought the Bryon Russell stuff was fine, but so many others things were disrespectful and unneccesary.  Although I appreciate not just naming every coach, friend, and family member to thank and call your inspiration, there is a classy way to go about telling stories and belittling others is not how to do it.  I guess Jordan off the court has never been a good example for our youth, but he definitely cemented that notion with his words in Springfield.  Scottie Pippen was the only person I saw who was genuinely happy and that's becuase he was so drunk you could smell him from 50 feet away.

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Michael probably rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with that speech.  But it was the true MJ that everyone saw.  I kinda liked it and he proved his point by saying he'd do anything to win.  By the way Byron Russell is waiting for MJ...

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That was Classic man f the haters he's the best ever.

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